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have been super busy. just an update.

1. the house is finally ready, with everything we need delivered. (the sofa came like 2 days before cny?).
2. i'm busy busy busy with school, as usual.
3. i'm busy busy busy with band (and yes, FINALLY finalizing the library catalogue)
4. i have a sucky timetable:
- thurs ends at like 430 with only 2 half hr breaks for even weeks
- thurs ends at 330 with only 1 half hr break for odd weeks
- pe on 2 consecutive days for odd week (mon and tues)
5. and i'm sick. down with fever and cold and stuff.

hahah. school is great, so far. have some new tutors. most of the tutors that i want to be changed is changed, for the better. thank god. the one that wasn't.... maybe i'll get tuition or sth. hahah.

oh wells. ^^

the duchess
Thursday, December 4, 2008 0 comments

i watched the duchess (played by keira knightley)! *sigh* i love it. the story is damn sad. :s but i really love this kind of period movies. the buildings, dresses and manners are all oh-so "sophisticated" and way cool. its quite sad that not many people can appreciate this kinda stuff. i don't know whether i can watch it again in singapore. it has "sexual scenes and references". can be m18 eh.

if you can watch it, i recommend that you so. especially girls. hahah. i think only we can really understand the duchess' feelings in the movie. like how sad we'll feel when you know that your husband dont love you or cheat with your best friend. sigh. i wanna watch it again!

oh well. i do hope keira knightley gets an oscar for her role here (though i think she already deserves one for pride and prejudice).

am home, at last! ^^
Monday, December 1, 2008 0 comments

yay. home. sigh. missed the food. and sandy of course. and the imac. and plasma tv. haha.

managed to survive band camp, though things did happen. i didn't really quite enjoyed the last 2 days of the camp, but whatever. overall it was okay i suppose. hahaha. much thanks to chen, jas, master bay, zexun and jia hao for being such good friends. haha. and quek (i suppose russell too) for helping me (and mark) to try and "solve" the problem. and not forgetting aloy and joel for being good bitching friends and helping me with THE bar 49 of el cam. *ugh* getting it though, but not quite yet. hahah.

am looking forward to attending the 22nd dec concert, especially hearing the el cam. hahaha. must practice hard guys! ^^


i suppose another highlight of the year is moving at the end of dec. i can't wait to finally live in our own house in spore. dad and mom decided to wait for us kids to buy stuff like the sofa and dining table. so am really looking forward to choosing the furniture for the house! it feels really good to be involved in the whole moving house process. after all, i was there when they chose the house, the paint, curtain, bed, purchase the utensils and even dustbins! hahah. so am really looking forward to see it all together.

right. thats it for now. nadia and jojo just came back from school. gg to play with them now. ^^

till next time. : )

pw pw pw
Sunday, October 26, 2008 0 comments

gosh. pw is horrible! my class is the first to be assessed for OP, which is like this friday. and am the LAST speaker from the LAST group. which basically mean i will be the LAST person in the class to be assessed. ;s;s

moving on. am like boreedd to death, yet have lots to do!

1. pack
2. practice speech
3. do touch-ups on my props for OP
4. make sure tania gets her school
5. watch james bond movie
6. play chocolatier
7. play harvest moon
8. have tuitions to study for next year's MSA
9. clean up my books, worksheets and put them in order
10. do holiday homework

sigh. SIGH. anyway, am excited for Asia Conference! and this week's sermon in chc was good. ^^ actually, the past few were also good too. : )

hrmm. am gg to 'Snow White' play and most probably Rihanna's concert.

Sunday, October 12, 2008 0 comments

sigh. school is back to norm time table again. nothing new. and thurs am getting back all my promos results. uh-oh. ;x

band prac has started. tune-in looks promising enough. the pieces are not bad and the games.. well. hope its nothing too much. cos am playing with the people. ;x hahaha. i scared i will get forfeit. anyways...

i need to plan when am gg back indon. having tune-in, band camp, class chalet, yadda yadda... i think i can only go back for a month. ;s sigh.

oh wells. am totally bored now. in school with my mac and internet and there is nothing to do. not here anyways. all the materials i need for pw is back home. sigh.

oh. btw. james bond is gg very well. am enjoying it. i love the later ones the one with the invisible car (with halle berry and rosamund pike). the older ones like "Her Majesty's Secret Service" is freakin funny. the effects looks damn fake, the guns are still so tiny and the supposedly high tech gadgets have only 3 buttons;namely red, orange and yellow. looking forward to watching some more.

oh. btw. my favourite james bond so far is pierce brosnan. lets see if it will change. ^^

alrighty. back to my games. ciao! ^^

project work
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 0 comments

this whole week is project work (pw) week. the timetable is like 2 hrs pw tutorial, break, another 2 hours of pw tutorial, another break and 2 hours of pw tutorial. 725am to 4pm. everyday. sigh.

and there is so much to do! the speech, oral presentation slides, finalizing the written report, insights and reflections draft.. then props, finalizing statistics, annex... OMG. i can go on and on. sigh. SIGH.

but not bad la. i mean, take a break from studying and doing homework (tutorials). 

well. band had started. the flute feels foreign to me. so long havent play it! hahahaha.

got my hands on old james bond dvds. watched 2 ytd: tomorrow never dies and octopussy. damn nice! i love the car in tomorrow never dies. ^^ looking forward to watch everything. 

and am sick. as in very sick. flu, cough, fever. its killing me. and am losing my voice, again. sigh. losing my voice has become a norm to me. this is bad. :s

promos and 4dee! outing :)
Thursday, October 2, 2008 0 comments

well. promos are over. thats that. *sigh* well.

the 4dee outing to east coast and celebrating some birthdays were awesome! ^^ it kicked off by playing captain's ball, but with frisbee. haha. a tribute to 4dee girls' love (and niche, i would say) for captain's ball. yes ah hua, my shooting skills are no longer that great. :s not much chance to practice now in jc. hahaha. 

went cycling with big nic, samuel, xiao hui, si hoon, si hua, and ben while the rest went blading. thank god i didnt blade. am no good, i can only blade in a straight line and cant stop. after seeing the guys (especially edmund) falling like a gazillion times, the tandem bike si hua and i rented doesnt seem so bad. at first i had the HARDEST time steering the stoopid thing so i end up at the back. then xiao hui and samuel fell. so in the end, i rode in samuel's bike and si hua in xiao hui's cos xiao hui was too pained to ride on her own bike. quite fun. si hua and i talked and gossiped a LOT! sigh. its okay ah hua. i love you!! haha. just msg and call me if you need to bitch about anything. ^^

anyways we end up eating at banquet in parkway. so much for the promise of eating at a (very) crowded swensens (yes marcus, some bigshot that guy is. haha :x). joyin prophesied am gg to eat chicken rice for dinner, and i did! but that wasnt my fault. the lemon chicken rice was finished. :s hrmm. then we took pictures and ate marcus' baked "20x20cm cake" which looked more like 15x15cm brownie. i didnt dare to eat it, and so does a few people. davin was forced to eat it and commented that the cake was super sweet and it messed up his whole body system. hahaha!

anyways. 4dee peeps, you are missed! we should do it again sometime. ^^

saturday band prac starts. its gg to kick-off our syf preparations. oh. and on that day i also have an outing with MI peeps and dinner with my aunt and uncle. hope i can make all of those appointments! :s

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